By Katie Murray

This week, Qualifiers continued on World of Dance with talent from around the world. Here’s who you can expect to see in The Duals later this season!

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It’s called “World of Dance” for a reason! Contestants brought their talents from all over the globe on this week’s episode. Dancers from Korea, Greece, Gastonia, Australia and more prepared a routine to WOW the judges in hopes of making it to the WOD finale and taking home the grand prize of one million dollars. As always, dancers needed an average score of at least 80 or higher to continue on to the next stage of competition.

The Ruggeds

Upper Team Division
Overall Score: 83.3

A self-taught breakdancing crew, The Ruggeds are doing alright! One of their members, Jessy Kemper – also known as “Jazzy Gypz” – has worked with stars like Rita Ora and Justin Bieber, and as they say, ‘you’ve got to be great to hang with the big boys!’ The crew’s routine included many levels and tricks, but in a way that accentuated each dancer’s individual skill. They also threw in some house steps and floor work to showcase their all-around talent not only as breakdancers, but as hip-hop performers, in general. The judges loved their energy and stunts, but encouraged them to find that extra element that makes them stand out from the rest!

Video via NBC World of Dance

Josh Beauchamp & Taylor Hatala

Junior Division
Overall Score: 93.3

This teenage duo brought their A-game to the Qualifiers with an intricate hip-hop routine. Josh Beauchamp and Taylor Hatala, both from Canada, have known each other for five years now and train together at the same studio, but don’t get it twisted! They have a strictly platonic relationship, despite fans posting #Jaylor and #Tosh on social media. Beauchamp is also known for being a member of WilldaBeast Adams “immaBEAST” dance crew. Hatala was on “The Ellen Show” in 2014 after her dance video with Laurence Kaiwai went viral. After their performance, the judges gave the duo a standing ovation for their creativity and usage of a prop. Then, Jennifer Lopez challenged Derek Hough to mimic Beauchamp’s slide-thru trick. While it wasn’t nearly as graceful, we have to give Hough credit for trying!

Video via TheEllenShow

Lock N lol Crew

Upper Team Division
Overall Score: 81.0

Lock N lol Crew came all the way from Korea and left us wanting more after their performance! Qualifying to The Duals wasn’t the first time this crew made their country proud. In 2015, they became the first ever Korean group to win the Hip-Hop International World Championship! The group of thirteen members came dressed to impress for Qualifiers this week – Ne-Yo even asked for their tailor’s contact information! The crew scored just above the required score to make it through, and the judges gave them a good bit of constructive criticism to consider and implement before their next performance.

Video via NBC World of Dance

Michael Dameski

Upper Division
Overall Score: 92.7

Michael Dameski also traveled a long way from home to live out his dreams. Dameski grew up in Australia and made his mark when he won the Australian edition of “So You Think You Can Dance”. He was even featured on the American version of the show after his victory. Dameski knew that if he wanted to go far in the dance industry, he needed to move to the United States. Now, Dameski lives in Los Angeles – a dream home for a dancer! His contemporary routine on World of Dance left us on the edge of our seats. From the height in his jumps to his turning combination into a hyperextended switch tilt, Dameski easily proved his talent to us and the judges!

Video via NBC World of Dance

LD Dance Company

Upper Team Division
Overall Score: 74.3

LD Dance Company performed a vivacious Samba. The Texas-based company not only offers classes in a variety of dance styles, but they also perform at events like weddings and birthdays! The group instantly brightened up the stage with their beautiful costumes and, as they danced, the crowd and the judges became more and more enthralled! Despite everyone enjoying the routine, the judges all locked in scores lower than eighty. Lopez said that the dance seemed limited, and the group was sent home.

Video via NBC World of Dance


Junior Team Division
Overall Score: 84.7

These young dancers haven’t quite hit the big time just yet, but that’s exactly why being a part of this competition means so much to them! Rascals, who are based out of Hawaii, said that due to the lack of dance opportunities in Hawaii, they have to travel far to compete every year. Traveling costs are extremely expensive for the 11-person group. As a result, the group can only travel to one competition per year – and we’re glad they chose World of Dance this year! Their routine was hype from start to finish, exploring various styles of hip-hop – like Krump and Wacking. The judges encouraged the bunch to polish up their skills and control their adrenaline for The Duals but, nonetheless, all came to agree that the group was great!

Video via NBC World of Dance

Elektro Botz

Upper Team Division
Overall Score: 89.0

The last group of the night was Elektro Botz – a group also known for dancing as part of the Outlawz on season 11 of “America’s Got Talent”. The Arizona dance group performed a routine in honor of one of the member’s mother, who lost her battle to cancer a year ago. The guys said she always showed them tremendous support, so now they’re focused on pursuing the dream that she helped them chase. Their routine encompassed clean and sharp movements throughout, and they even transformed into a human conveyor belt! The judges enjoyed seeing Elektro Botz maintain personality throughout their Popping routine, but they also urged the group to enhance their creativity for The Duals.

Video via NBC World of Dance

We look forward to seeing these contestants in The Duals!

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Katie Murray is an undergraduate student at Appalachian State University majoring in Communication Studies with a focus in Media and minoring in Dance. Outside of dance team practice and class, she enjoys drawing, listening to Beyoncé and walking her dog.