Tracy Anderson Announces Collaboration with BLOCH Dancewear

Tracy Anderson Announces Collaboration with BLOCH Dancewear

New York, NY (June 14, 2023) – Tracy Anderson, the fitness pioneer who has revolutionized the fitness industry since her Method’s inception in 1998, announces a collaboration with Bloch, the world’s leading provider of dance footwear and apparel since 1932, on a women’s activewear line that celebrates physical freedom in movement. 

The Tracy Anderson x Bloch collaboration has roots that trace back to Tracy’s long standing history of wearing Bloch during her upbringing as a competitive and then professional dancer. It was in Bloch’s iconic dancewear that Tracy first discovered the language of movement, and built the foundation of the practice she shares in her studios today. The two industry leaders combined their shared love of dance and movement to create this bespoke line of unitards and leotards, crafted to expand physical potential and made to make you feel beautiful and expressive in every workout. 

“This collaboration with Bloch is a true full circle moment, because dance has always been at the heart of my Method,” says Tracy Anderson, Founder of the Tracy Anderson Method. 

“It has been such a wonderful opportunity to work with Tracy Anderson to interpret her unique understanding of body movement into functional and flattering garments,” says David Wilkenfeld, CEO of Bloch. 

The 8 piece collection features a custom line of unitards, leotards and two-piece sets designed to enhance performance and empower the body to express itself freely across all ranges of motion. Comprised of Bloch’s construction and non-binding hems with Tracy’s profound understanding of physical expression, the collection was created to enhance physical performance with premium comfort and timeless silhouettes. 

Pricing ranges from $50 to $125. Discover the full collection at, Tracy Anderson studios worldwide, and Bloch locations in New York and London, addresses below.

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About Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson has always been ahead of her time. Nearly 25 years ago, Tracy sought to create bold solutions to achieve physical connection and balance, and to help people see the continuous results they deserved. She enlisted skillful academics to conduct years of research and development. In the fitness world, no one had ever built a strategic language to take someone from any genetic background, and translate them into their most balanced self. That is, until the Tracy Anderson Method. Today, the Tracy Anderson Method is a specialized genre of fitness that is practiced and celebrated worldwide as a dynamic, holistic approach to movement that leads to sustained balance and harmony, designed in function of our ever-evolving minds and bodies. In addition to providing clients with access to the largest bank of fitness content on record through TA Online Studio and TA LIVE, Tracy continues to build new tech innovations and workout solutions, including the patented Iso-Kinetic Band System, The Hybrid Body Reformer, The Super G Floor, and most recently: MYMODE, a never-before-seen innovation in eco-friendly equipment + programming to take client’s results to the next level. MYMODE is the newest, ultimate workout program designed by Tracy Anderson. Members-only studios are located across New York City, Los Angeles, the Hamptons and Madrid, Spain. 


Social: @tracyandersonmethod

About Bloch

Listening to dancers since 1932. Bloch is the world’s leading provider of technical dance footwear and apparel, equipping dancers with the tools and confidence to be the very best dancer they can be. For over 90 years, this family-owned business has worked one-on-one handcrafting shoes for the world’s leading professional dancers, listening and understanding their needs to consistently drive innovation within the industry.  


Social: @blochdanceusa

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