Fort Wayne Ballet Brings Beauty to Fruition and embraces a new community through their Sensory-Friendly Performance series.

Last December, a video from Fort Wayne Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker lit up social media with one very special soundbyte. As cast members exited their scene to prepare for the next and professional dancers warmed up in the wings, a member of Gigi’s Playhouse nearly floated off stage with excitement, her pink party dress twirling. And as she heard the applause – which overtook the music still playing during the Party Scene – she turned back to embrace her moment, peaking around the curtain with a smile you could see beyond the back row. Her instructor, quickly rushing to her side to gently usher her back could be heard saying, “They’re clapping for you!”

Inside Dance chatted with Artistic Director Karen Gibbons-Brown about the moments and the meaning in this series to the dancers and the community.

Photo credits:

Jeffrey Crane & Mollie Shutt