The Space TV Seeks to Inspire

The Space TV Seeks to Inspire

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The Space TV Seeks to Inspire

Working, playing and growing together, the Miller Family – Cory, Krista, daughter Autumn and son Harbor – continues to break boundaries with true innovation, imagination and vision. 

Instead of pushing pause during the pandemic, the opportunity to pivot and push play on a long-awaited digital platform presented itself with huge potential and right away, a devoted following across social media. Launched with the same excitement, enthusiasm and energy surrounding their world renown studio, The Brea Space, “The Space TV” is an online home for dancers and dance enthusiasts around the globe designed to provide both entertainment and training opportunities for those that don’t have access to the physical location. 

What sets it apart from other online platforms, they say, is the “authentic training environment that replicates classes in the real world. We stayed away from classic “tutorials” and instead provide the same energy and style you’d experience in an in-person class.” With dancers signing up and taking classes from over 40 countries around the world, the Millers and the team surrounding the project couldn’t be more thrilled. And it’s just the beginning!

Forever grateful for each opportunity, Krista Miller couldn’t be more excited to see this project come to fruition. Inside Dance went backstage with Krista and “The Space TV” to learn more about this new platform featuring some of the best dancers in the world and the best team of experts championing it all behind the scenes.

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Artists, parents, dancers, studio owners (humans in general) have all experienced the quarantine and COVID shutdowns in their own unique ways. How they dealt with these experiences are also unique. Tell us how YOUR family adapted, pivoted and stayed focused on your creative goals. Our family has come together as a unit more than ever during these times. We work together, play together, and grow together. It helps that we love what we do and have each other to discuss creative ideas. We had to reevaluate our business as an in-person training space, but have adapted by creating a brand new online platform that’s now reached dancers around the world. We’ve found ourselves working even harder during these COVID-19 times because we want to provide a training outlet for the dance community!

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.7″]Your studio, Brea Space, has hosted incredible students, choreographers and educators for many years. Were you concerned about the future when the California shutdowns came about? Yes and no. At first, we didn’t understand the depth of the situation and were optimistic that we’d return to normal within a few weeks. We’re now months in, and we’ve been able to continue bringing in unbelievable choreographers for our digital platform, while also staying in close touch with so many of current and former students, plus connecting with so many new ones. So in a way, we’ve remained optimistic and hopeful by working hard and staying focused on the present, while keeping an eye on the future.
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What we love so much about your incredibly talented family is your vision and innovation. Individually, you are each so phenomenally talented… and as a family you are a FORCE! Talk to us about the initial vision behind The Space TV and how it’s grown over the recent months! Thank you for your kind words – we are flattered! We are very proud of our family and our growth in the industry. We’ve been active in the dance industry for many years! It all started when I was teaching private dance lessons out of our home, and we first created “Autie’s Freestyle Friday.” It was a simple, fun series on YouTube where Autumn demonstrated her talent and personality. Although we just made it for our friends and family, it quickly caught the attention of dancers and artists everywhere. We had no idea back then what “viral” meant, so we were amazed by the positive feedback and fast growth.

After years of YouTube and in-home privates, we realized we needed more “space,” so, “The Brea Space” was created. We started with under ten students per class, and we now proudly host drop-ins, private lessons, intensives, and other training events for an entire community of dancers near and far. Even our “Launch” mentorship program started with just seven students, and now has over thirty for the 2020-2021 season.

“Launch” consists of dance artists seeking careers in the entertainment industry. Each week they receive twenty-two hours of training and education; From Ballroom, Jazz Funk, and Ballet, to Acting, Voice, Personal Training, and Nutrition, we want our students to be versatile, well-rounded artists and individuals.

For years we talked about launching a streaming arm, but we were just so busy with the success and growth of The Brea Space and our Launch program.

This year, when the pandemic put everything on pause, it finally allowed us to pursue that new online platform. And so we created “The Space TV”, an online home for dancers and dance enthusiasts around the globe. Our vision is to replicate the energy of The Brea Space, and provide both entertainment and training opportunities for those that don’t have access to our physical location. Although we had no expectations, we’ve been so incredibly happy with the growth and overwhelmingly positive feedback from dancers everywhere!

Your production team is also something to brag about! How did you all create such an amazing platform during these times? We’re so grateful for the team members we have. My husband, Cory, has always worked on the media and marketing components of our business, and is often behind the camera as well. He was actually an X-Games competitor with a close family friend of ours, Todd Grossman. After skating, Todd went on to work in Hollywood but continued to collaborate on projects with Cory. So when Covid-19 started shutting everything down, we all discussed the digital platform, and Todd partnered with us to create it.Personally, I had known Mark Meismer since we were kids! And he wasn’t just a close family friend, but we’d also been working and dancing together professionally since then. So when Mark and I discussed our plan, it seemed like the perfect team. He was as excited as we were to be a part of something as meaningful as The Space TV. We tested some live streaming classes, just filming off our laptop, and then we got to work, building out the entire site and our streaming platform. Autumn and I are often in front of the camera instructing and providing classes, and of course, our son Harbor is our biggest supporter! We even have mobile apps now where subscribers have unlimited access to watch from. It’s truly been an amazing journey and I couldn’t be happier with the team we’ve built.

You’ve shared with us that The Space TV is just touching upon its potential. How have you seen your reach expand recently? Nationally, globally, etc. We’re so grateful to all of our local dancers from the Brea Space that joined in the beginning, but as word spread across social media, we’ve found dancers signing up and taking classes with us from over 40 countries around the world! Our students represent their countries and styles of dance beautifully, and we’re honored to share our passion with so many incredible people. Even our daughter, Autumn Miller, had lots of big projects put on hold because of the Pandemic, so even she’s had more time to appear in classes and interact with so many of our students around the globe.

Walk us through how a new subscriber would get started and what would their package include for ongoing training? It’s actually really simple! You just visit TheSpace.TV and sign up for a free trial, which gives you unlimited access to all the subscriber classes and content. Once your free trial’s up, it’s just a monthly fee with no commitment, and we add new classes and content every week. We have beginner through advanced classes in multiple genres and dance styles with some of the most sought after instructors in the industry. From ballroom with Lacey Schwimmer and jazz with Hannahlei Cabanilla, to lyricals with Mark Meismer, and technique training with myself, we keep releasing more and adding special guest instructors, performances, and dance shorts all the time.

Any words of advice and encouragement for dancers who are struggling with the dance world’s “new normal?” Keep training. Some people enjoy the privacy and comfort of dancing from home, but others sometimes feel discouraged. Think of now as an opportunity to use all of these virtual classes to gain more knowledge in styles you might not be as confident in, or pushing yourself to refine techniques but taking the same class multiple times. The dance world will return to normal, so it’s important to keep working on your strength and technique. Your training during this time could even prepare you for that next audition or competition.

What makes The Space TV stand out from other online platforms? We pride ourselves in our authentic training environment that replicates classes in the real world. We stayed away from classic “tutorials” and instead provide the same energy and style you’d experience in an in-person class. You might even notice we fumble on our words, take time to laugh, and show our true selves. It’s important for us to be genuine and to make everyone feel comfortable in learning and training with The Space TV. As a family, we’ve traveled on tour and taught classes around the world. We’ve experienced first-hand what dancers desire in a dance class and training environment, recognize quality and pay close attention to detail. Not to mention, our diverse staff and instructors are among the most elite and successful in the industry, ensuring that every subscriber incredibly receives well-rounded, quality training.

The future’s SO BRIGHT for the potential of The Space TV! Can you give us any teasers of what’s to come?! We have some exciting things in store for this fall and we’ll be making the big announcement soon. I can’t tell you all of the details, but I can say it’s going to be something very unique and more in the style of a docu-reality series. The part I’m most excited about is that our subscribers will receive exclusive access to interactive classes with the stars, and an inside look on their lives. Stay tuned for the big announcement!

We are honored to continue this conversation in our upcoming pages of Inside Dance! To circle back to the top of this interview, the dance industry is so lucky to have a family like yours to maintain innovation. Speaking of family, tell us about how this project has lifted you all up and impacted your own family dynamic! This project has strengthened our family’s bond. Since we’ve had to travel less, and can’t currently offer in-person classes, we’ve been able to spend more quality time together. And of course, we finally get to sit down and have dinner together!  Also, the downtime is allowing us to clear our minds which is important. Overall, we’re just thankful for this time together and we’re excited to share with everyone what’s next to come with The Space TV!

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WATCH Krista Miller in action on The Space TV!

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Q&A with Krista Miller @officialkristamiller

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