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Plus! We feature Come Dance With Me’s Ava Otto – dancer, actress, model and entrepreneur, she’s out to change the world by empowering young women and girls to be their authentic selves. We also take a behind-the-scenes look at Artists Simply Human (ASH), Katy Perry’s PLAY with Maile Makaafi, dancer mental health tips from Danscend, Quiner Corner and how to have your best recital ever!

Our Scene & Media page also takes a look at the new season of SYTYCD! This and so much more!

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Social media is important because it gives you a new avenue and platform. I don’t think you should dance to become famous. I think you should dance because you love it. I still don’t consider myself famous but it was more like, when I was growing up dancing, I just did it because I really didn’t have any other idea or way. You can’t manufacture passion or love for dance. So if you love to dance, do it for that reason. If you want to become famous, do it for a different reason. Fame doesn’t really make you happy. Dancing makes me happy. So I would say dance for yourself, not for other people to see.  – Alan Bersten

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