Kickin it with THE Kristin McQuaid! | Inside Dance

Kickin it with THE Kristin McQuaid! | Inside Dance

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Kickin’ it with Kristin was created by renowned choreographer and creative director Kristin McQuaid to bring self confidence, curiosity, and courage out of everyone! When Kristin would ask people “What are you most talented at?” the most common answer was, “I am not talented, I don’t have any talent.” We need to remember, talent is not always showcased on a stage, television, or in a sporting arena but it is all around us and in all aspects of life. Talent also lies deep within each of us. Could your talent be communication, writing, or perseverance?

Kristin believes that everyone is talented in their own unique way and she wants to celebrate it with YOU!

McQuaid has designed Kickin’ it with Kristin so everyone can get a glimpse into all different talents and activities without having to spend a fortune. You, your child, or anyone watching might see a talent that they didn’t even know existed! Or, maybe it’s a talent that you have seen others do but may not have the courage to try. Who better to guide you through those first few awkward moments when learning something new than with a zany, crazy, powerhouse personality – Kristin!

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Tell us about the catalyst for Kickin’ it with Kristin and what’s so special about this project!

One of my common phrases is “To be fearlessly authentic.” In life, we often get told “Just be YOU.” It’s not that easy as we evolve, grow, and change every day. We aren’t the same person we were yesterday. So instead, I’m bringing awareness of being you in the moment. There is only one of you in the entire world, don’t shy away from the unknown out of fear, let me guide you through some fun adventures that will leave you wanting more each week! No matter your age, interests, or type of entertainment you like to watch, I’ll be embarking on some adventurous talents and you will be right alongside with me every step of the way! I’ve always thought, “What if I would have tried singing or horseback riding as a young child, would I have been successful? Would it have brought out a side of me that I never knew existed?” That very moment is when Kickin’ it with Kristin was born.

Were you fearless to try new things as a child? Tell us about your upbringing and how dance laid the foundation for everything you’ve done.

Since a young age, I dedicated my whole life to dance. I never had time to try other activities or hobbies that could have led my life in a completely different path. I would never change anything about my upbringing, and lately I’ve become very curious about embarking on talents that spark new interest or are completely foreign to me. I’m not great at everything. In fact, you’ll get to watch me go into a lesson and be terrible and at the end find resolution and grow right before your eyes. You can do that, too!

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Tell us about one of your favorite episodes or encounters with guests!

One of my favorite encounters has to be with a stranger I met during the ComicCon episode filmed in New York City. I was talking with an individual who was dressed as Edward Scissorhands, and after the initial obsession with her costume and talking about my love for the movie, I started to get to know her. When I asked what she was talented at, her response was, “I am not talented at anything, but I do love the way I feel when I can dress up as someone else,

I have a ton of confidence and I know no one will judge me.” I asked her if she still had the same confidence when she wasn’t dressed as a character and she said no. So I asked, “Have you thought about dressing your insides? Still having that shield of protection but not having
to disguise yourself on the outside?” She said, “Wow, I honestly never thought of it that way, I am going to try that from this day forward. I will never forget this conversation and I can’t wait to be proud of who I am.”

This girl was artistic and I walked away from that short encounter thinking, “This is why I do what I do, this is why Kickin’ it with Kristin was created.” To celebrate everyone! Everyone is so talented and individualized in their own way, but some have to shed some layers to find it and that is okay. This show will be extremely entertaining, educational and most importantly, self-motivating!

What is your goal for the show?

My goal for the show isn’t just to entertain but for the viewers to step outside their comfort zone and try new things. I hope that with my own courage to try talents that are way outside my realm, it will inspire others to either try something they have always wanted to or learn a talent they never knew existed.

In season one you will find everything from glassblowing, bowling, horseback riding and many more! You will experience what it would be like to step foot in a talent that you know nothing about and walk away with some tools and information you can take with you when and if you try out that specific talent.

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How do we watch?

The show can ONLY BE SEEN on Talent Recap’s YouTube channel. With over 9 million subscribers and viewers already invested in watching talented acts, I knew this was a perfect home for my show! The first few episodes are already available for viewing, so head to YouTube today and start streaming!


Instagram: @kickinitwithkristintv

TikTok: @kickinitwithkristintv


Co-creator – Tony Selznick

Executive Producer – Billy Blanks Jr.

Director of Photography – Justin Greiman

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In memory of London Quinn

This show is dedicated to Kristin’s daughter, London Quinn. Kristin has battled infertility for over 14 years. After a long struggle, Kristin was led to surrogacy to grow her family with her amazing husband, Steve Dixon. The surrogacy journey was everything the two imagined and the whole pregnancy went without a hiccup. Unfortunately, London Quinn was born without a heartbeat on July 14, 2021.

This put Kristin in an emotional stage, yet inspired her and her husband to continue their entertaining talents for the world to see. Kristin knows Baby London would have loved this show. She would have been laughing right alongside with all of you. So, this show is all for London! Her time may have been short, but her presence and story will live on forever. This little girl had more to offer and it is Kristin’s duty as her mommy to take her life story and use it to make this world a better place.

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Take a moment to visit the non-profit inspired by London, London is the Reason.

Photo of London Quinn by Madeliene Walters 

Kristin McQuaid photos by John Lamparksi, Justin Greiman, 3rd Street Clayworks

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