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Star Dance Alliance Virtual World Dance Competition

This summer has been unique and unlike any other for studios, dancers and dance families. What’s been wonderful to witness, is seeing studios and dancers staying engaged with one another, even if not in person! Star Dance Alliance created the hashtag #CantStopOurStage and it’s completely taken off along with the success of their Virtual World Dance Competition! Inside Dance sponsored an exciting award by interviewing the “Highest Scoring Group Routine” of SDA’s Virtual Event. We are excited and pleased to announce that Dancers Burlington of Burlington, Ontario took that title and honor with their phenomenal and passionate dance to “This Is Me!” We invite you to get to know the owner of Dancers Burlington, Stacey Carrigan below!

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Congratulations on such an amazing honor during these unique times. Tell us about your choice in choosing “This Is Me” as your routine for the virtual competition entry! We chose “This Is Me” as one of our routines for the SDA’s Virtual Competition as it was a very successful routine for us throughout the 2018-2019 season. “This Is Me” won the National title at Starpower Nationals in Myrtle Beach, was recognized as the World Champion at the World Dance Championships and was a 1st place SDA Power Rankings winner in multiple regions. “This is Me” also encompasses the majority of our Teen and Senior dancers which allowed them all the opportunity to participate in this online event. Finally, we chose “This Is Me” as we strongly agree with the messaging behind the song and think that it is important given the current climate in which we are all living in.

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Dancers Burlington has been around for 30 years… AMAZING! Tell us, has your studio been in the competitive circuit for this long as well? What are your top 3 memories as a competitive performance program. Yes, Dancers Burlington has been in the competitive circuit for 30 years, however; we only became heavily involved in the US competition circuit in the last seven years.

Our top 3 memories are:
1. Winning our first Victory Cup for our Junior Ballet routine at Starpower Nationals in July 2015.
2. Hosting our very own iDance4aCURE dance marathon at our studio and collectively raising over $55,000 for childhood cancer research.
3. Being recognized as a Top 5 Studio of the Year by the Star Dance Alliance in 2019.

Stacey, your story is also so unique! Share with our followers your personal connection to Dancers Burlington prior to becoming the owner. Prior to attending College, I danced my final two years of high school at Dancers Burlington. I then co-owned the business for five years before becoming the sole owner in 2013. At that time, the studio went through a major transformation. Our focus shifted to creating a positive and progressive culture as well as developing elite dancers and well-rounded, confident individuals who strive for success.

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You JUST recently reopened your studio after so many months away. How did you keep your dancers engaged during the quarantine phase? I didn’t think twice, when my business was ordered to close due to COVID-19, I knew that I needed to figure out a way to stay connected with all of my dancers. I knew it would be important for them to stay connected with each other and their teachers, as well as to remain active, challenged, and engaged while at home. Dancing had to continue. I could never have switched our programming to be entirely online without the support of my entire faculty at DB. The DB Faculty is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals who all wanted to ensure that their students could continue their education and dance training during these unprecedented times. Taryn, Alison, Kristen, Karen, Jonathan, Alycia, Jordan, Natasha, Maddie, Kirsten, and Emily, I will be forever grateful. I also have to extend a huge thank you to our senior assistants who played an instrumental role Natasha, Megan, Katie, Olivia, Emma, Aly, Sophie, Camille, and Emily, I could not have done it without all of these amazing people.

How have your first few weeks back in the studio been? How did it feel to see your dancers’ faces again?! Many positive emotions were felt during our first few weeks back. Seeing our dancers’ faces had us overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, after overcoming a situation that was truly unexpected.

How long have you been competing at Star Dance Alliance events? What gets you and your dancers motivated and excited when dancing on their stages? Dancers Burlington has been competing at Star Dance Alliance events for nine years. The production value and professionalism of their events, and iconic awards ceremonies hosted by the one-and-only Gary Pate set them apart from the rest.

2021! Tell us how you plan to stay inspired and your goals for the year ahead. Moving forward, we will definitely appreciate each and every moment we are able to spend together at the studio. Especially the 12 hour rehearsal days!

In 3 to 5 words, tell us what your studio’s philosophy is. Discipline, confidence and excellence.

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Video: “THIS IS ME”


For more on Dancers Burlington, check out:

Instagram @dancersburlingtonofficial

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