Cirque Du Soleil continues to reinvent the circus ring with its latest production!

By Tyler Green

Featured Image: Cirque Du Soleil

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Cirque Du Soleil continues to reinvent the circus ring with its latest production! Luzia provides a perfect balance of daring and awe-inspiring stunts mixed with seamlessly choreographed dance numbers and topped off with culturally depictive but uniquely modern music. The show stays true to its Mexican theme by introducing new acts like soccer jugglers and also incorporating different animal characters to reflect the country’s culturally rooted fascination with the animal kingdom. With so much variety, every member of the family will leave with a different favorite memory of this show!

Luzia features many classic acts done in such an inventive way that even the most well-versed Cirque fan would swear they’ve never seen anything like it! The traditional circus act of ring diving is a regular staple at Cirque shows, but Luzia flips the script by putting the act in the middle of two giant treadmills. With the ground constantly moving, the action never stops, and the level of difficulty in each pass only increases! Pin juggling is a rather common act as well, but in Luzia, it was performed in such an animated and engaging manner. Combining that with the intense music that was performed live on the stage made this traditional act seem completely unique.

Although this is not the first Cirque show to incorporate water, Luzia uses this element in such a mesmerizing and creative way that adds a brand new twist to many traditional circus acts. The storm begins, water pours down as a suspended aerialist elegantly spins on her trapeze. Below her, another performer dances and spins on the always trance-inducing cyr wheel. The heavy downpour adds great visual depth to each performer by creating deep shadows and projecting splashes that do a stunning job of accenting every one of their movements.

One of the most shocking and impressive acts of the show has to be the contortionist. This act is typically all about flexibility, but this performance featured an incredible mix of strength and balance while still showcasing the mesmerizing mobility of his body. This grotesquely beautiful performance received a variety of mixed responses from the crowd, everything from disgust to amazement, but one adjective easily describes the audience when leaving the arena: astonished. This act definitely leaves an impression and is an incredible showcase of what the human body is capable of when you push yourself.

Luzia had a great run in Atlanta and is now traveling to Los Angeles where it will be performed at Dodger Stadium from December 8th through January 21. This is a truly one of a kind event. It’s everything you could ever want from a Cirque show!

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