By Mary Katherine Atnip

Previously featured in Inside Dance’s Premiere Issue 2014, Mary Katherine Atnip takes us along for her return to NYC and Radio City! A former Rockette, professional dancer and now studio director at the North Alabama Dance Center, Mary shares her emotions and joy watching this season’s spectacular show!

Feature Photo Courtesy Mary Katherine Atnip

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The Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been dazzling audiences since 1933, and this year’s show is no different! This was my first time seeing the show in New York in nine years as a former Rockette (2007-2010)!

Atnip strikes a Rockette pose in front of the legendary Radio City Music Hall.

As I sat in the audience awaiting the production to begin, a rush of emotions flooded over me. I was overcome with memories of dancing on that legendary stage and reminded of how it felt to perform in front of an audience of six thousand. I remember looking out and seeing the smiling faces and the little girls dressed in their Christmas best dreaming of becoming Rockettes themselves. Suddenly, I found myself being the audience member with the biggest smile of all!

An Unforgettable Experience

The magic of Christmas begins the moment you walk in the doors at Radio City Music Hall. From the beautiful Christmas decorations to the tempting show souvenirs and, my personal favorite, the sparkling Swarovski Christmas tree dangling from the ceiling! The Christmas Spectacular has transformed itself over the years as technology has evolved, incorporating new elements every year.

As if the giant LED screen, life size double-decker bus and projections weren’t enough, this year they added drones to the list! The brand new finale focuses on the “Light of Christmas” and uses drones to light up the stage! Each drone is perfectly choreographed just like the Rockettes. Even though the drones are a never-before-seen element in a live performance, the Rockettes still shine brighter! In costumes designed by Emilio Sosa, the Rockettes sparkle wearing more than 3,000 crystals. STUNNING!

Atnip was previously featured in the Premiere Issue of Inside Dance magazine.

The Rockettes Legend Lives On

A lot has changed in the Christmas Spectacular since 1933, but one thing remains the same–the Rockettes’ ability to perform intricate, detailed choreography flawlessly will never change. The amount of hard work and dedication that goes into perfecting the choreography can only truly be appreciated by Rockettes themselves, but let me assure you–it’s a LOT! I will always feel grateful and honored to be among the 3,000 plus women who have held the title of Rockette. If you find yourself in New York this holiday season, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a sure bet to bring a smile to your face!

Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes runs through January 1, 2019. Order your tickets today!


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