Ballet Championships of America 2024 TOUR ANNOUNCED!

Ballet Championships of America 2024 TOUR ANNOUNCED!

Desertland Entertainment Announces the Inaugural Ballet Championships of America – A New Era in Ballet Competitions 

Ballet Championships of America (BCA), where their mantra reverberates in every pirouette and plié: “BALLET IS OUR MISSION. EXCELLENCE begins from the moment you ENTER – COMPETE like no other!”

Las Vegas, NV – Desertland Entertainment, a pioneering force in the dance industry, proudly introduces Ballet Championships of America, set to redefine the ballet competition landscape. 

Desertland Entertainment is thrilled to announce the launch of Ballet Championships of America, a groundbreaking dance competition debuting in San Diego, CA on October 3, 2024. This event promises to be a transformative experience in the ballet world, offering unprecedented opportunities for dancers nationwide. Co-founders Matthew Diaz-Caldwell and Ward Billeisen, with their combined 50 years of experience in dance and production, lead this innovative venture. Ballet Championships of America is scheduled to open registration on March 4, 2024. 

“Ballet Championships of America is more than a competition; it’s a beacon for excellence in ballet. We invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey. Step into our world, where every leap counts and every dance tells a story,” says Matthew Diaz-Caldwell, Co-Owner and Founder. 

BCA sets itself apart with its commitment to mission-driven excellence, unparalleled opportunities for dancers, a distinguished judging panel, exceptional prizes, and fostering a community spirit through inspiring collaborations. It aims not only to showcase talent but to nurture and develop the next generation of ballet artists. 

Desertland Entertainment is at the forefront of promoting and preserving ballet. With a rich history of supporting dancers and fostering artistic excellence, the company continues to innovate in the dance industry. Desertland Entertainment’s dedication to the art form makes it a leader in dance promotion and production. 

For more information about Ballet Championships of America, visit or contact their headquarters at 702-378-8809.

Proud Sponsor of BCA!

The “Inside Dance Studio Award” represents a prestigious accolade at all Ballet Championships of America (BCA) regional events, recognizing studios that exemplify outstanding participation and excellence in the Competitive Level. This award is open to all dance studios participating in the 2024 BCA Regional Championships who meet specific criteria throughout the event season.

Stay tuned to and in the pages of Inside Dance Magazine for exclusive coverage and interviews of studios receiving the “Inside Dance Studio Award” this year!

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