Atlanta Ballet CDE Partners with Só Dança USA to Offer New Line of Skin Tone Tights & Shoes

Atlanta Ballet CDE Partners with Só Dança USA to Offer New Line of Skin Tone Tights & Shoes

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Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education Announces Partnership with Só Dança USA

Atlanta Ballet school partners with dancewear company to launch  new line of skin tone tights and shoes for student and professional dancers 

In partnership with dancewear company Só Dança USA, the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education announced today the launch of a new line of skin  tone tights and shoes for both student and professional dancers. In addition to the Atlanta Ballet  boutique’s existing inventory, tights are now available in two shades and in a range of sizes from  Toddler to Adult. Leather ballet shoes are available in two styles (Full Sole and Split Sole) in two  shades and in children’s and adult sizes.  

We are excited to partner with Só Dança USA to provide Atlanta Ballet Centre students, company  members, and other metro Atlanta dancers this new line of Só Dança products through our multiple boutique locations in Atlanta,” said Atlanta Ballet Artistic Director Gennadi Nedvigin. “By offering tights and shoes in a variety of shades and sizes, we hope to help aspiring young dancers  of color embrace themselves for who they are.” 

The Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education has been working with Só Dança USA on this new  line of products since 2018. While other companies have announced offering a diverse color  selection of adult shoes and tights, Só Dança’s willingness to produce inclusive shades of student sized leather shoes is what appealed to Atlanta Ballet for this collaboration, which was not available  until now.  

“We are proud to offer our Atlanta Ballet Centre students and fellow dancers in our community with  tights and ballet shoes that match a variety of skin tones,” said Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance  Education Dean Sharon Story. “This is such an important step for the Centre and our community,  as we strive to create an atmosphere that allows the current and next generation of dancers of  color to feel confident and supported in pursuing their dreams to dance.” 

This initiative is just one that reflects Atlanta Ballet and its Centre for Dance Education’s continued  commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The Company and school are currently involved with  and spearheading multiple actions and initiatives that support the advancement of racial equity on stage and behind-the-scenes, such as the formal implementation of an internal D&I task force, and  the creation of the Centre’s Decade 2 Dance initiative to train and cultivate the next generation of  dancers of color, amongst others. 

“Our partnership with Só Dança is not just about shoes and tights; it is about continuing to embrace  and shine a brighter light on the unique beauty of dancers of color in the ballet world,” said Diane Caroll Sales, Atlanta Ballet Community Partnerships Director. “I want every aspiring dancer  to have an opportunity to flourish in the dance world, and it starts with him or her feeling proud of  who he or she is. Dancers of color should have the opportunity to stand out – not fit in.” 

About Atlanta Ballet: 

Founded in 1929, Atlanta Ballet is one of the premier dance companies in the country and the  official state Ballet of Georgia. Atlanta Ballet’s eclectic repertoire spans ballet history, highlighted  by beloved classics and inventive originals. After 90 seasons, Atlanta Ballet continues its  commitment to share and educate audiences on the empowering joy of dance. In 1996, Atlanta  Ballet opened its Centre for Dance Education, which is dedicated to nurturing young dancers while  providing an outlet for adults to express their creativity. The Centre serves over 150,000 people in  metro Atlanta each year. Atlanta Ballet’s roots remain firmly grounded in the Atlanta community  and continue to play a vital role in the city’s cultural growth and revitalization. For more information,  visit, follow us follow Atlanta Ballet on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

About Só Dança: 

Só Dança was established in Brazil in 1986. The company prides themselves in always being  forward thinking. Só Dança continues to revolutionize the industry design standards by creating  products with an innovative spirit for everyone who is passionate about the art of dance. From  designing the original unique back leotard to fully elasticized ballet shoes, Só Dança pushes the  limits, reinvents the classics, and challenges the status quo, while keeping tradition intact. Só  Dança cares about dancers; therefore, marries comfort and practicality with elegance, beauty and  style. Additionally, the company celebrates diversity and respects cultural differences, Só Dança  values having a strong global presence in dance. Só Dança is also always looking for ways to  improve and help, with strong moral values, and awareness of the impact on the world, they always  seek to improve it. That starts from their commitment to the lives of the dancers and employees,  to leaving the environment better than how they found it. 

Photo credit Bernardo Nogueira for Só Dança, courtesy of Atlanta Ballet

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