Our September/October Issue of Inside Dance magazine Stars Kenny Wormald!!!

Kenny Wormald’s Words of Wisdom + #lifehacks

Inside Dance: You’ve reinvented yourself so many times and grown up in the industry. What life hacks would you offer up to anyone with the dream to move to LA and make it?

Kenny Wormald: Work harder than anyone in the room. Be a good person. Remain humble. Go with the flow. Be open to new experiences. Surround yourself with like minded people. Enjoy the ride!

I am very fortunate to come from a good family and an amazing dance studio that pushed me to be great. With a good work ethic, and polite behavior, you can go far in this world. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you’re difficult to work with, no one will want to hire you. 

I can attest the reinvention to being open to new experiences. I never want to be bored with my work. I like new challenges and when you’re open to new things, you never know what could happen. It’s the beauty of this industry. Any one day you could get a call that will change your life.

Photographer: Cassandra Plavoukos Photography onsite at Playground LA

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Features – Preview!

Kenny Wormald – Keeping It Real

On a sunny August morning in Los Angeles, we stroll down famed Melrose Avenue toward Playground LA for a 10:30 am call time for our photo shoot with dance icon Kenny Wormald. A crisp breeze in the air has trees swaying in what almost looks like a choreographed pattern as we pass one outdoor cafe after another, each filled with creative types consuming their morning fuel for the day. A block away, the ever-so-familiar bright red Playground LA logo pops off an unassuming building, perched in between a couple of those cafes and eateries. 

Just before the pandemic, we were at this exact spot, taking in one of Wormald’s jam-packed, high-energy classes, live drummer and all. On that day, passerbyers stopped in their tracks to peer in the windows, some even asking to come in to take a photo with the insta-famous PLAY block letters that sit perched against the back brick wall in the studio. Frenetic energy abounds. 

Today, it’s just a small crew in the studio for the shoot, yet the same creative spark fills the studio. And you’d expect nothing less. The plan for the day is a collaborative process, just the type we love. 

Sharing stories of experiences and memorable moments throughout the shoot, we cover a lot of territory – from his early days in dance (yes, the famous tale of his mom putting him in dance class after he danced along to New Kids on the Block videos that even has made its way to his Wikipedia page, is indeed true!) to some of his favorite jobs (Justin Timberlake) to what’s next (could it be Playground London?). 

What stands out most throughout the day is the heart Wormald pours into all he does and his genuine authenticity. As we get in a few questions on video (featured @InsideDance on Instagram), it feels more like a conversation with a good friend than an interview. And as he moves around the studio as Leon Bridges’ River plays in the background (hand selected by Wormald), the outside world slips away for a moment as the music, the movement and the mood transport you to another realm. That’s the power of Kenny Wormald. 

See the full story and interview in our September/October issue!

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