Alison Stroming Shines Brightly Through Her Success and Drive to “Do Even More!” – Inside Dance is thrilled to announce Alison as our December cover star!

Alison shines brightly and speaks easily with a warm, welcoming smile. It’s almost as if even she can’t believe what she has accomplished so far. And even with all of her experiences and accolades, she remains as humble and as true to herself as ever. She has found strength in her own skin and an inner beauty that radiates passion and perpetuates an entrepreneurial spirit across the industry.

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The December issue of Inside Dance features the stunning Alison Stroming in a candid Q&A!

Born in Brazil, adopted into a dance family, and raised right in the heart of NYC, Alison Stroming tiptoed into the studio at the tender age of 2. Admittedly shy when she was younger, Stroming says she found her voice through dance, breaking out of her shell into a performer who embraced each moment onstage. Stroming saw New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker when she was 9 and knew immediately she wanted to sign up. One SAB audition later, the real love (and the real work) of dance started, setting the stage for a career that has taken her to ABT, Alberta Ballet in Canada, Ballet San Jose, Dance Theatre of Harlem, nine countries, and countless national ad campaigns and performances alongside legendary artists.

“I’d like to say to Alison that I am most  thankful that she believes in me! Her encouragement and compassion for myself and all of the AS mentees is greatly appreciate it! She is like a big sister to all of us! And we love her so much!” – Delaney Diaz, AS Dancewear Mentee

“Maia couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this mentorship led by Alison Stroming. It’s one thing to see yourself represented but it’s so much more to have the opportunity to chat with her and to be able to seek advice as we navigate this industry. Alison is always so patient when Maia asks her questions. She is truly leading by example: A dancer and a businesswoman. While many dancewear companies have maybe 1-2 girls of color on their team, there is nothing like being surrounded by an entire sisterhood of super talented girls where you are not in the minority who encourage and support each other. For this dancer, her wildest little dancer dreams came true: A Ballerina is her Big Sis! How cool is that!” – Maia’s (AS Dancewear Mentee) Mom

“I’ve been working with Alison for over a year and her mentee program came at a time when I wasn’t sure about dance. She inspires us to follow our dreams and knock down any doors whether real or imagined. I’m an only child Alison’s program gives me the feeling of a sisterhood ill never have as well as a big sister in Alison who cares about our growth and future. – Suvannah, AS Dancewear Mentee

“Miss Alison has been such a blessing in my life in so many ways. The sisterhood and community she has created for us is truly one of a kind. What I have learned most from her is to never give up on something that I love to do and to always stay positive.” – Sienna, AS Dancewear Mentee

“Miss Alison’s mentorship program has given me so many opportunities and has built my confidence so much. Miss Alison is always so kind, caring, and she always can make me laugh, I love her so much and am so so grateful for her!
– Sophia Grace, AS Dancewear Mentee

“I absolutely love Miss Alison! She is so supportive and encourages us to push our limits. I have grown, not only in dance, but also in confidence by having her as mentor. I’m one lucky girl!” – Kennedy, AS Dancewear Mentee



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Photo credits: Lee Gumbs, Collette Mruk, Kristi Griffith, Jeff Crane

Alison’s makeup by Jacqueline Farias


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