“It is truly a blessing for dancers and professionals to have this time to readjust their goals. After having this moment to breathe and reassess, I have even made a more concrete game plan to create longevity in my career.” – Alex Yonkovich

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Let’s Talk Dance!

Our April/May issue of Inside Dance features Taylor Bradley and Alex Yonkovich in their latest starring role: The Inside Dance Podcast! We go in-depth with the duo on all they love about life, dance and entertainment, the challenges they see within current industry trends and social media, and the incredible dynamic they celebrate working together as passionate, driven artists and friends.

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Photographer: Titou Photography

Styling: Stephanie Yonkovich and Alex Yonkovich 

MUA: Sam Bentson 

Creative Director: Briana Bowie 

Where did your love for dance evolve? Was there a defining moment each of you knew  dancing was going to be your life’s passion and work? 

Taylor Bradley: I have always loved entertaining. Being the youngest of three boys, I took it upon myself to make sure all eyes were always on me. From emceeing my mother’s house chores to forcing my family to sit and watch my 4th of July sparkler performances, I loved bringing joy to my family and friends. Once I started dancing at age 10, I very quickly wanted to do it all – choreograph, direct and produce. I remember very clear speaking with my middle school counselor at age 13 and telling her I knew I was going to be a professional dancer without a doubt in my mind. 15 years later and here we are!  

Alex Yonkovich: Growing up in Southern California, I was surrounded and inspired by such hard working talent, so my love for it definitely evolved while at dance competitions, working with my teammates, and watching other students show their most practiced craft. I fell in love with  the use of unlimited amounts of music. I also fell in love with the fact that being a dancer is  something that simultaneously unites people and separates you from the crowd. I didn’t  necessarily have a “defining moment” but I knew dance felt as natural to me as breathing and I needed to entertain other people other than my family in our living room. 

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