McClure’s Moments! | Issue Preview: June/July 2023

McClure’s Moments! | Issue Preview: June/July 2023

McClure’s Moments!

Inside Dance Ambassador McClure Thornton is our June/July cover star! From the studio to the competition circuit to spending time with family and friends, McClure shares her most memorable moments in this jam-packed summer issue including summer dance swag, nutrition do’s and don’ts, dancer mental health, Must List and so much more!

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McClure’s Moments

Inside Dance Ambassador McClure Thornton on Studio Life, the Competition Circuit & Memorable Moments

By McClure Thornton

As I get older, I have come to realize that being a studio dancer is not just about practicing and performing. It has taught me so much more… lifelong lessons and skills that I feel will help me navigate through the rest of my life and have created a collage of moments that have not only made me a better dancer, but a better person ready to take on the world!

Dance has taught me…

Professionalism. The dance environment has exposed me to a whole new world! Constant auditioning, whether it be for a small group, competitive dance, or trying to get that scholarship for next year‘s convention, has taught me to respect the entire process—the teachers, the choreography, the critiques, my dance mates, and even other dancers I may be competing against. I have learned to listen to the details, and be aware of what exactly a teacher or a judge expects from me. In my younger years, professional dance environments were challenging for me. I would tend to forget choreography and get inside my own head. But through years of experience, I have become calmer and more relaxed as a dancer and feel very comfortable learning choreography quickly. (I mean, do I still get nervous? Of course! But it’s more controlled and professional now.)

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Plus! We’ve got the latest in summer dance swag, nutrition tips and tricks, 3 Summer Exercises to Improve Your Dancing, Quiner Corner, SDA Where Are They Now?, Behind the Mic with Taylor and Alex, Must List, Scene, and so much more!

Lead Photos by Natalie Thompson

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