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“Being a positive person is not something that’s hard to do as long as you are open to being happy and finding the good in everything.”

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Alan Bersten Is Front & Center! With his heart on his sleeve, the Dancing with the Stars Pro is just getting started!

By Christy Sandmaier

Photo credits: Lee Gumbs Photography / Ansley Pacetti 

Alan Bersten is wearing a shirt with smiley faces scattered across his left shoulder. The Dancing with the Stars Season 28 winner, who has danced professionally on the show since 2017 and recently completed his eleventh run (five years as part of the troupe before graduating to full time pro in Season 25), was just five days out from closing the DWTS tour when we talked. He was reflective and maybe just a little bit exhausted from being on the road, while simultaneously grateful for the opportunity to perform across the country for live audiences again. 

Like most performing artists, a return to the stage and being able to interact with fans has brought about another layer of motivation and a renewed love for their craft. For Bersten, it solidified he’s exactly where he wants to be – live, onstage in his own element front and center.

“It’s been two years since we’ve been out there and that live performance is so different from the TV show,” he said. “It feels so good to be on a live stage with thousands of people. It’s insane that that’s what I got to do for the last three months! I’ve toured before – I did So You Think You Can Dance, I went on a world tour, so I’m no stranger to touring and there’s something still so magical about it! This was my eighth tour with Dancing with the Stars. I think everyone worked really hard to make it their own and yet make it what the brand is and that’s a celebration of dance!” 

As I went all in with Bersten, it was evident that even though he’s already accomplished so much in the industry, he’s really just getting started. He’d love to do DWTS as long as they’ll have him, teach more, choreograph more and though he couldn’t reveal much just yet, has a podcast coming up “with someone very special.” He says “Boom” by P.O.D. is his theme music and chose Ryan Reynolds to play him in a movie. He also offers incredible advice to those coming up in the industry – those who love to dance for the right reasons.

With the stage wide open for whatever comes next, Bersten’s pure love for dance is inspiring and his heart, truly on his sleeve. “I want to be myself – I’m good at being myself,” he says. “But I want to keep dancing and growing. I’m somebody who never likes to sit still so as long as I’m moving, I’m happy.”

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Special Feature Sneak Peek!

Ava Otto – Owning It! 

By Christy Sandmaier

Ava Otto is out to change the world. As a dancer, actress, model and entrepreneur, she’s all about empowering young women and girls to be their authentic selves, challenges them to never be afraid to chase their dreams, and believes that girls need to lift each other up at every turn to truly let their own star shine. At only 11 years-old, Ava has a passion for performing paired with the desire to give back to the community and be a resounding voice for everything she believes in. 

With a famous father (dad is Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto), Ava can’t remember a time when she wasn’t living and loving the spotlight. And that’s exactly how she wants it. At 6 she begged her parents to put her in dance and the rest is history. “I always loved to dance,” she says. “I was born dancing! I’ve just always been a person who likes to move and groove! I begged my parents to put me in dance class and they finally let me.” 

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Additional Photography by:
sharkcookie (Ava Otto)

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