Kim Hale Unleashed! | Issue Preview: August/September 2023

Kim Hale Unleashed! | Issue Preview: August/September 2023

At the 2022 Industry Dance Awards the incomparable Kim Hale graced the stage as the recipient of the Dance Role Model Award. It was a full circle moment and one that left Hale visibly emotional and grateful to say the very least. Celebrated and introduced by her dear friend, choreographer Dexter Carr, and dressed in vibrant hot pink, Hale told a crowd of her peers and so many she has both mentored and admired throughout her dynamic career, “Thank you Dexter, thank you for believing in me. For seeing me and unleashing the Kim Hale that I tried to hide not only from others, but from myself as well. Feeling seen and heard, isn’t that what we all want?

“I’m a dancer just like all of you, how cool is that? Although we may look different, we share a genuine passion for movement that transcends time, space, age, ethnicity, body-type, ability, gender and personal identity. We dance because we have to and because we were chosen to be a light in this world.”

Feeling seen and heard – it’s become Hale’s mantra as she continuously transforms herself and grows. It was this speech in particular that spoke to me for over a year, and put us down a path to make her our next cover star. Her words of wisdom never cease to resonate and her incredible love for dance lights up every room she enters. Life and experiences have taught her so much and the energy she beautifully bestowes inside the dance studio week after week, year after year, is a lesson for all of us. Feeling seen and heard? For sure.

From early beginnings in ballet, to LA, to a job on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean that docked in New York, and through countless auditions, roles won and lost, a pandemic, and life-altering health challenges, Hale continues to strive for her dreams no matter the setbacks or circumstances. Driven now as much as ever, she’s in constant awe reflecting on how much her mentors like Debbie Allen have brought to her life and how the life lessons she’s risen above continue to push her to try new things.

These days you’ll often find her at Playground LA, across TikTok and social media (check out her recent go as the fictional Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada on Instagram), taking class, or just hanging out being low key and waiting for what’s next. It’s a balancing act she’s had to work at maintaining. Speaking with Hale, it was incredibly clear to me how passionate she remains about her craft and how grounded she is in the journey she has taken. Reminiscing, reflecting and looking forward, more than once I found myself absorbing her refreshingly candid responses, yet positive outlook, which kept us chatting well over an hour. Hers is a story so worth telling not only because of the path she’s traveled but also because she’s far from done. Here, in her own words, is Kim Hale Unleashed!

We also go in-depth with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Royal Caribbean’s show-stopping performances, a new Business of Dance column by the incredible Menina Fortunado, plus all of your favorites including Must List, Behind the Mic with Taylor and Alex, Quiner Corner, and so much more!

Photo by Heather Booysen

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