The Apr/May issue of Inside Dance is all about auditions, tryouts, camp and more! PLUS stay tuned for our cover reveal, featuring an up-and-coming star!

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Then To Now

The Apr/May issue of Inside Dance centers around a cover star who was previously featured in an earlier issue of our magazine and has since taken his/her talents beyond the dance industry. A true triple threat, stay tuned to find out WHO exactly we’re talking about.

Movement With Meaning

In each issue, we’ll be featuring a series called “Movement with Meaning,” in which we’ll talk to some of the most respected dancers, choreographers, teachers and industry leaders about their processes for taking what is a dance and elevating it to a performance that resonates with an audience and evokes emotion.

Audition Prep & Pointers

Your job (until you book a job) is auditioning. We breakdown the job requirements for the professional auditioner, so you can work hard AND enjoy the moment, all on the way to your dream casting.

My First Year At Juilliard

iD Ambassador Payton gives us the inside scoop on her first year at Juilliard, including the ups, the downs and everything in between!

Dance Team Tryout Tips

Dos and Don’ts that will help you make the squad!


All of your favorite recurring features, including Must List, New & Noteworthy, iD Ambassadors and more!

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